New view at Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa

by Donna Cain, innkeeper and owner

Windmill at Drummer Boy park

Windmill at Drummer Boy park

We recently learned that the Brewster Conservation Trust had purchased the land across the street from our inn, Brewster by the Sea. The land was privately owned for the past 9 years that we have been innkeepers, and we always enjoyed that the land was left natural and only mowed a couple of times a year. When we saw the For Sale sign go up in the spring we were concerned as we did not want a commercial building or home to be our view from the front of our lovely inn.  A few weeks later we saw a new sign go up ……..

Land conservation purchases property

Land conservation purchases property

At first the sign was a little confusing as the trust is always looking to get donations for future properties. But it is official and the land directly across the street from our inn is now conservation land that will always remain natural and serene. After doing a little research we were impressed at what this volunteer organization has accomplished in just a few years. Brewster Conservation Trust (BCT) was established in 1983 to acquire, preserve and manage open space in Brewster including its beaches, marshes, meadows, woodlands, pond shore, wetlands, aquifer and wildlife habitat. BCT is a non-profit, charitable organization supported by memberships and donations. BCT has completed more than 140 land conservation projects resulting in 742 protected acres by early 2012.

We feel very blessed that the trust saw the foresight to purchase this land which actually connects to our wonderful Drummer Boy Park.

This past week we were equally pleased when many workmen (and woman) from AmeriCorp  arrived to clear the brush from the land. We now have beautiful views of the historic windmill from all of the windows facing the front of our property.

Drummer Boy Windmill

Drummer Boy Windmill

As the workman cleared away the brush it was also a nice surprise to see a handsome old tree that is in the middle of the property.

Beautiful tree

Beautiful tree

p.s. the view will be even more special when all of the brush is cleared away

Thank you AmeriCorp and Brewster Conservation Trust for making our view so special at Brewster by the Sea Inn and Spa

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  1. Joanna Anderson

    Fabulous blessing!

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